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Wheels: What a Wonderful Invention!

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Ft. Lauderdale

It used to be that anyone who has difficulty walking, going from pavement to sand and then even actually into the water was as feasible as taking a trip to the moon.  But not anymore at Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Ft. Lauderdale because a cleverly modified lounge chair adapted with wheels and able to float called, the Water Wheels, has been purchased for the park and is available for use by people with disabilities at no charge.

This happy acquisition was made possible through the combined efforts and donations from Russell Hibbard, owner of the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida, Friends of Florida State Parks, Friends of Birch State Park, and David Dearth, Park Manager.  Thank you for making a real difference in peoples lives which shows in this posting on the Facebook page of the Friends of Birch State Park.

“Oh, now I am excited. I was raised in Ft Lauderdale and spent a lot of time at the beach and Birch State Park - we even went to summer camp there. Wonderful memories. I am now "elderly" and in a wheel chair and believed that I would never be able to go to be beach of my youth again. I am very homesick so my hubby plans to retire to Florida so I can come home. I cannot wait too tell him that when we get there I will be able to get in the Atlantic Ocean again. TY so much to all who made this possible.”

You can help make more of this kind of thing happen in other Florida State Parks by making a contribution here and be sure to designate the Access for All Campaign.

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