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Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation, Inc. (FGTF) is our sister statewide organization, which aims to advocate for and help create a statewide system of trails and greenways to advance health, recreation, transportation and tourism.

Why Care About Damage Done to Florida State Parks by Hurricane Irma? Your Answer is in this Picture!

Monster Hurricane Irma was different from any known before because it impacted every state park in the system, either directly or indirectly.  Severe wave and wind action left some coastal buildings filled with beach sand and scoured boardwalks, roads, campgrounds and picnic areas to the extent in some cases they were obliterated, especially in the Keys. 

There was a good deal of inland damage as well with fallen trees; trails buried under layers of vegetation and other debris.  Some buildings were flooded and electrical and communication systems damaged or outright destroyed.  It’s estimated that over $55 million dollars of damage was done by Irma.

On top of that many millions of dollars of revenue in entrance and campground fees were lost because of weeks of closures.  This is revenue the state parks need to sustain themselves.  And the parks are job generators too as they play a huge role in Florida’s tourism industry. 

The value of Florida State Parks to its citizens is immeasurable.  These are our beloved state parks – the places we go to swim, fish, lay on the beach, hunt for shells, learn about nature and Florida history, hike, bike, kayak, even get married!   They contribute mightily to our economy and they need our help now.

Help make sure our Florida State Parks stay strong.  Contribute to the Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Fund.

                                                100% of all donations will go directly to state park recovery.

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